Wintertime in Norway ensures regular transportation challenges, particularly for large trucks hauling goods. Snow and ice can cause safety risks for the truck drivers traveling uphill and downhill, as well as other cars on the road. Sand is often used to provide more friction for truck wheels to avoid problem areas. A new technology, targeted sanding, allows drivers to automatically sand the road without leaving their truck.

Researchers Tanita Fossli Brustad, Aleksander Pedersen, and Børre Bang conducted a number of field tests connected to the Autoline targeted sanding device. Their research published in the Journal of Cold Regions Engineering entitled “Targeted Sanding and Its Impact on Heavy Hauler Pull Force and Surface Friction” explores the impact the automatic sanding device has on the pull force of a heavy hauler.

Learn more about their results in the abstract below or by reading the full paper in the ASCE Library:


Road conditions during wintertime in northern Norway frequently cause problems for heavy haulers transporting goods. The trucks often experience difficulties when traveling uphill or downhill because of snowfall and ice formation, which again constitutes a safety risk and a nuisance for other road users. In this paper, we report on a series of field tests in which we investigated the impact of targeted sanding on a heavy hauler with a focus on self-help, pull force, and road friction.

Read the full paper in the ASCE Library: