headshot of Stephen Lippy

Stephen G. Lippy, P.E., BCEE, S.C., F.ASCE, who retired in 2012 after a 40-year career with the Baltimore County Department of Public Works Bureau of Solid Waste Management, has been named a fellow by the ASCE Board of Direction.

Lippy was the first graduate engineer in the Bureau and then its first licensed professional engineer. He was able to guide the Bureau during a period when more and more state and federal regulations were promulgated in regard to sanitary landfills. He was instrumental in the siting, permitting, design, initial site preparation, and ongoing construction and monitoring of the county’s present site until he retired. He designed and oversaw in-house County design, construction, and inspection of some of the landfill projects, and was a certifying engineer for landfill construction as well as the project manager overseeing landfill consultants and contractors at the present active and closed landfills.

In 1983 he was a founding member of the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA), and has served on its board as an officer or director for over 38 years as well as on myriad committees. He received a Life Member award from the Chapter, a Professional Achievement Award–Life Member by SWANA, and has been certified as a Manager in Landfill Operations by the Association. He served 11 years on the International SWANA Board and has been active with its Landfill Technical Division since the 1990s.

Lippy was certified in solid waste management by the American Academy of Environmental Engineers in 1982. He served on various committees and was on AAEES's board for two terms representing SWANA. He also received AAEES’s 2012 Stanley E. Kappe Award.

He has been a member of ASCE since 1972, and received the Maryland Section's Young Engineer of the Year Award for 1981. He is also a life member of APWA and is now a member of its Solid Waste Management's Knowledge Team.

Lippy holds a bachelor's degree in civil engineering with distinction from Virginia Polytechnic and State University, a completion of the Cooperative Education Program in Civil Engineering, and has been licensed as a P.E. in Maryland since 1976.