graphic of 2022

January is the perfect time to set things right.

Everything that frustrated you about last year. Everything that left you disappointed.

It’s a new year, a new chance to get ahead and do the things you’ve always wanted to.

For civil engineers, that kind of planning and design work comes second nature. ASCE members took to ASCE Collaborate recently to share their civil engineering New Year’s resolutions.

Here are some highlights (and be sure to log in and contribute your own resolution):

Christopher Dzidek, P.E., M.ASCE


“The past few years I made my New Year’s resolutions somewhat ambitious and long. I try to break them up into two categories: personal or professional.

“In the personal category are things like reading more books, cutting out alcohol, decluttering my house, among others. As for professional, I'm hoping to learn a new computer program, work on my communication/presentation skills, and become better at managing my time for repetitive tasks.

“I find the key is to have some easy wins on your list to stay motivated for the one that may take more time or are yearlong goals. For the latter, steady improvements and you'll eventually reach your goal.”

Heidi C. Wallace, P.E., M.ASCE

Tulsa, Oklahoma

“In 2022, I am committing to writing down three positives from each workday in a small calendar. My hope is that by intentionally ending each day with a focus on what went right, no matter how small, I can minimize cycles of frustration or poor motivation.”

Jimmy Canning, EIT, ENV SP, A.M.ASCE


“I really enjoy reflecting on my values at the beginning of a new year and creating goals in the various arenas of my life, and this year has been no different!

“Professionally, I have my sights set on passing the PE in 2022 and registering for licensure in my state. Some of my other goals include reading two books on average per month, training for and running a marathon, and calling a different friend one night each week on my way home from work.”

Craig Smallegan, P.E., M.ASCE

Leesburg, Indiana

“I often struggled with New Year's resolutions. I listen to a productivity podcast on which one of them is an educational YouTuber. He talked a lot of setting a yearly theme rather than a resolution. (The video he made on it can be seen here.)

“So this year, my theme is the ‘Year of Organization.’

“I've been hit-and-miss with office and personal organization, and now that I am the senior engineer in a company rather than an entry-level, I feel the need to make sure what I do is organized and structured to juggle the different projects. …

“For those who are like me and struggle with resolutions but do like to improve myself in the new year, I hope this helps.”

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