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Trees are critically important for mitigating climate change on a local, regional, and global level. They are also an important economic resource to homeowners, comprising some 20% of residential property value. This amounts to trillions of dollars in real estate value. So why is this valuable asset so poorly managed and protected during construction?

It is because up to now, tree preservation planning has relied on guesswork instead of certainty. That has now changed with the introduction of Tree Matrix, and its mathematical solution to tree preservation.

Tree Matrix is a revolutionary website service that can ensure accurate and reliable tree preservation success. Our patented software and algorithm remove the uncertainty from this frustrating process. Based on over 30 years of arboriculture and tree preservation experience, Tree Matrix guides users to a percent survival score for each tree impacted. The higher the percentage, the greater the likelihood of tree survival. The Root Plotter feature estimates the anticipated root zone based on tree characteristics and physical boundaries that may redirect root growth. When boundaries are highlighted, tree information added, and limits of disturbance drawn, a survival score is produced. Adjustments can be made to four of the five parameters to increase the survival likelihood. Only Tree Matrix can reliably predict tree survival with this level of certainty.

Mitigating the sources and impacts of climate change is one of mankind’s greatest challenges. And civil engineers are on the front line. The protection and establishment of trees in the urban and suburban environment will be critical to this mitigation. Tree Matrix can assist civil engineers in their efforts to design a built environment that reduces irreversible threats to an existing tree resource.

Tree Matrix can also help to choose the right plant for the right location with our Plant Wizard search engine. The Plant Wizard can save your clients money and time by identifying the best tree for a specific location.

Try our free trial of Tree Matrix and Plant Wizard to see how it can position you, or your firm, as the best candidates to design a sustainable built environment that retains trees with certainty.