Civil engineers are often described as problem solvers. But they’re also innovators and world builders.

Mega City 2070 is the latest phase of the Future World Vision project. It’s an immersive, 3D digital experience that allows you to visualize the future by placing you at the heart of a plausible city in 2070.

In this episode of ASCE Interchange, Gerald Buckwalter, chief innovation officer for the American Society of Civil Engineers, discusses how the project is helping engineers reimagine infrastructure.

“Future World Vision is about asking ourselves the right questions about the long-term nature of our built assets,” said Buckwalter. “And examining that future in a way that acknowledges the massive changes coming our way – change that can drive dysfunction unless we are prepared for it.”

Buckwalter also notes that Future World Vision does not try to make predictions. Although, it’s not science fiction either. The project is based on rigorous scientific research and extensive scenario planning.

It’s designed to help foster a new way of thinking through plausible scenarios, presented in a provocative way that drives engineers to be stewards of new technologies and innovations, while responding to environmental and societal challenges.

The Mega City 2070 platform is now available for free. Download the desktop app.

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