Civil engineering is everywhere, impacting all people and societies. Today’s engineers are called to build and design infrastructure for the increasingly diverse, equitable, and inclusive communities of tomorrow. In ASCE’s new video series, DEI Best Practices, engineers discuss the relationship between DEI and the civil engineering profession. DEI Best Practices is brought to you by funding from the United Engineering Foundation.

Twenty-first century civil engineers are facing major challenges every single day – an ever-growing population, deteriorating infrastructure systems, extreme weather events, and more. Therefore, sustainability and resilience have become increasingly important values in civil engineering practice. But just as no two people are the exact same, neither are two communities.

Whether it be due to environment or resources, different communities have different needs. And because ensuring a good quality of life for all is an engineer’s duty, the built environment must highlight a community’s specific needs and incorporate sustainable solutions that can help it thrive.

The third and final installment of the DEI Best Practices video series highlights case studies of integrated approaches to sustainable infrastructure that is grounded in diversity, equity, and inclusion.