ASCE has honored Contour Crafting Corporation with the 2023 ASCE Charles Pankow Award for Innovation, for its disruptive technologies of additive manufacturing/construction and 3D printing, which hold great promise in the areas of efficiency and productivity.

These contributions play important roles in constructing tomorrow’s infrastructure and buildings because they aim to address issues such as complex logistics, the shortage of skilled labor, and the urgent need to address global warming through embodied carbon reduction. 

Contour Crafting Corporation is a leader in developing these industry-transforming technologies, paving the way and inspiring others to continue to develop more efficient and sustainable design and construction solutions. 

The ASCE Charles Pankow Award for Innovation was established by the Civil Engineering Research Foundation (CERF) in 1996. Named for industry visionary Charles J. Pankow, the award recognizes the contributions of organizations working collaboratively to advance the design and construction industry by introducing innovation into practice. It was instituted as a Society award on December 17, 2008.