ASCE has honored Arris Tijsseling with the 2023 J.C. Stevens Award for his discussion of “Effect of Boundary on Water Hammer Wave Attenuation and Shape,” Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, October 2021.

The discussion is based on substantial additional work aimed at testing some of the essential assumptions of the original paper. The discusser addressed two main issues with the model presented by the authors of the original work, namely the damping/dispersion of the reflected wave at a reservoir and the distance at which the proposed model had been validated. With numerical simulations developed by Prof. Vardy, the discusser determined that the front of the reflected wave occupies a distance of a few pipe diameters, and that the conjecture of a “jet,” proposed in the original paper, is only valid in very specific conditions.

The J.C. Stevens Award recognizes excellence in a paper published by the Society. The paper is in the field of hydraulics, including fluid mechanics and hydrology.