photo of construction
A subgrade instability issue was addressed through a recently released design approach for subgrade stabilization in Tensar+ software.

When it comes to designing civil engineering and infrastructure systems, you understand the importance of having easy access to accurate data. That's why we want to introduce you to Tensar+, a free, cloud-based software that will transform the way you approach project designs.

Tensar+ is a powerful tool that allows you to design with geogrids in a variety of infrastructure applications including unpaved and paved roads, soil stabilization, working platforms, rail sub-ballast stabilization, and much more. With Tensar+, you'll have the ability to ensure that the performance criteria are met, obtain the best design for your budget, and meet the project’s resiliency goals. The benefits of using this web-based software are simply too great to ignore.

photo of construction site
Approximately one week of construction time was saved and a higher performing roadway design was developed with the help of Tensar+ software.


What sets Tensar+ apart is its implementation of rigorous full-scale testing, which has been validated by third-party experts. It provides performance-based specification generation that incorporates the benefits of Tensar geogrids into industry-accepted design methodologies for your specific project. Also, with just a few clicks, you can easily calculate time, cost, and carbon emissions savings, as well as other sustainability metrics. Lastly, you can compare side-by-side geogrid designs against designs using conventional methods and calculate the total added value generated by using Tensar geogrids.

At Tensar, we are passionate about the success of our customers. You can start designing right away and see for yourself how Tensar+ software can create higher-performing, cost-efficient, and more resilient designs.

photo of construction site
Tensar+ software was used to design a working platform to increase the bearing capacity factor of safety for crane operations and accelerate construction.


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