ASCE has honored Antonio Trani, Ph.D., A.M.ASCE, with the 2023 Frank M. Masters Transportation Engineering Award for outstanding contributions in planning transportation facilities through his innovative and noteworthy 30 years of leadership in developing the widely published Runway Exit Design Interactive Model (REDIM), which has become the universal standard used in airports worldwide.  

Trani is a highly respected educator in the field of transportation and airport engineering and an industry-leading researcher in the areas of airport capacity, airfield and airspace operations and modeling, and runway-exit design. He has developed many unique and practical computer models and analytical tools to help in design and decision-making for air and multimodal transportation systems.

Trani has become the leading world expert and go-to person about locating and designing high-speed runway-exit taxiways, among his many other teaching and research accomplishments. Between 2002 and 2006, he led the development of a large-scale, multimode transportation system demand model for NASA Langley Research Center. The Transportation Systems Analysis Model (TSAM) has been used in numerous NASA studies, including determining the impact of very light jets, quantifying the potential demand for high-speed rail services in the United States, and measuring the impact of highly efficient turbofan aircraft operations in the United States to reduce fuel use and environmental impacts. The TSAM model has provided NASA with a flexible tool to evaluate various aircraft concepts considering transportation engineering constraints.

The Frank M. Masters Transportation Engineering Award recognizes the best example of innovative or noteworthy planning, design, or construction of transportation facilities.