photo of DIPRA pipe installation
Installation of new Ductile iron pipe with polyethylene encasement.

As engineers, our role extends far beyond designing efficient water systems. We are responsible for safeguarding the safety and well-being of the people we serve. Recent reports highlighting the alarming dangers associated with vinyl chloride, PVC, and plastics have sent shockwaves through numerous communities.

The question looms: How can we confidently plan and design when the very materials we rely on pose a potential threat to the health of our communities?

The answer? American-made Ductile iron pipe.

This innovative pipe material is the definitive choice for engineers prioritizing public health and long-term infrastructure resilience.

For engineers aiming to deliver safe drinking water and instill confidence in communities, Ductile iron pipe is the safe, reliable, and sustainable choice.

  • Ductile iron pipe is highly durable and long-lasting, with a minimum average service life of 100 years, making it a reliable choice for water delivery systems.
  • Cement-mortar lined Ductile iron pipe has a smooth interior surface and a larger than nominal inside diameter that minimizes minimizes energy loss and maximizes water flow efficiency.
  • It is highly resistant to damage from external forces, such as earthquakes and soil movement, ensuring the safety and reliability of water delivery systems.
  • Ductile iron pipe is also environmentally friendly, as it is made from recycled, non-toxic, natural materials and can be recycled at the end of its lifespan.

By choosing Ductile iron pipe, engineers can confidently provide their communities with safe, non-toxic, durable, and reliable infrastructure that promotes long-term resilience.

photo of DIPRA pipe installation
Installation of Ductile iron pipe for community’s safe water supply.

Don't wait any longer to engineer a safer water infrastructure. DIPRA and its team of regional engineers are ready to assist you with the planning, design, application, and installation of Ductile iron pipe. Take advantage of their expertise today by reaching out and asking a regional engineer for expert advice and guidance.

Together, let’s build a future prioritizing community health and safety through safe and sustainable drinking water delivery systems using Ductile iron pipe.

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