ASCE’s Future World Vision project allows today’s civil engineers to reimagine infrastructure for tomorrow’s built environment. Understanding the potential opportunities and challenges that may lie ahead can help shape what the future might look like.

Future World Vision’s upcoming IMAX film, Cities of the Future: Reimagining Our World, explores forward-thinking concepts to prepare civil engineers to lead the future’s infrastructure ideas, based on real engineering data and principles.

The giant-screen movie will have an exclusive preview screening at the ASCE 2023 Convention in October before its theatrical release in February 2024.

In this ASCE Interchange Live, Monica Morales, a water resources engineer for Jacobs, joins ASCE for a discussion on Cities of the Future. As one of the movie’s stars, she shares how the film can help engineers become future-ready by assessing existing innovations and considering how they can be used in different ways.

“By exploring what other cities are doing right now and understanding what they’re doing to combat certain climate conditions in their space, we’re thinking about what climate’s going to be like 50 years in the future,” Morales said.

“Then [we’re] taking those ideas and initiatives for that future in mind. It helps create a solid foundation of design while creating the possibility for innovation in those designs too.”

In Cities of the Future, shaping the future is not just about building future-ready infrastructure. It’s also about guiding the next generation of civil engineers. Morales discusses how current engineers can inspire students to join the profession and start creating that path to future success.

Learn more about Cities of the Future and attend the preview screening at the ASCE 2023 Convention.

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