ASCE has honored the Hawaii Section Younger Member Forum for the 2023 Younger Member Group Award for Small Groups and the Los Angeles Younger Member Forum for the 2023 Younger Member Group Award for Large Groups for their outstanding professional, technical, social, outreach, and community service activities.

Los Angeles: This past year the LA YMF has successfully hosted over 50 events, and over a dozen of its members were awarded prestigious individual awards. They fundraised hundreds of dollars for charities and were awarded over $25,000 in scholarships. While other professional organizations have struggled to recover from years of Zoom gloom, their board and membership have proven that ASCE is passionate and eager to reconnect. Additionally, they successfully brought back the annual large-scale, in-person Student Night and Job Fair as well as Engineers Week events, which hosted 150 university students and 850 K-12 students, respectively.

Hawaii: The Hawaii Section YMF has been active in the community through its meetings, STEM outreach events, and community service events. The past year, they have remained flexible and were able to safely transition from virtual events to in-person events. From the general meetings to field trips, technical presentations, and social outings, the group brings a reinvigorating energy, camaraderie, and uplifting spirit to the engineering community.

The Younger Member Group Award recognizes the most outstanding Younger Member Groups of the previous year.