It’s finally here.

Feb. 16, 2024 – aka Cities of the Future Day!

ASCE’s new movie, produced by MacGillivray Freeman Films, debuts today on IMAX and giant screens in select cities around the world.

Cities of the Future invites audiences to explore the innovations civil engineers are designing now to meet the pressing challenges of a changing world and forge a brighter, more sustainable future.

But before you grab that bucket of popcorn, here’s what you need to know about Cities of the Future:

The trailer is goosebump-inducing.

ASCE groups in Denver and Pittsburgh are throwing the first launch parties this weekend.

photo of Cities of the Future draft screening Jason Dixson Photography

Find a theater near you.

You’ll probably recognize the narrator.

photo of John Krasinski recording narration MacGillivray Freeman Films

Read more about the narrator.

Young ASCE leader Paul Lee is a star in the making.

photo of Paul Lee MacGillivray Freeman Films

Read the recent Civil Magazine cover story about Paul Lee.

Listen to ASCE Plot Points episode with Paul Lee.

But he’s not the only young ASCE civil engineering star in the movie.

photo of Monica Morales MacGillivray Freeman Films

Meet the civil engineering stars of Cities of the Future.

Greg MacGillivray is back as director after helming the award-winning 2017 ASCE film Dream Big: Engineering Our World.

banner for Cities of the Future

Read Q&A with the film's director.

Like Dream Big, Cities of the Future is going to be a game-changer for civil engineering student outreach.

How can you unlock the potential of the next generation? Send a kid to the future by donating to the ASCE Foundation. Your gift will help to grant free screenings of Cities of the Future to students from underserved communities.