headshot of Bavan

Mahesan Bavan, CEng, CPEng, F.ASCE, a structural engineering specialist with 20 years of experience, has been named a fellow by the ASCE Board of Direction.

Bavan has expansive proficiency in civil, structural, and geotechnical engineering from academic accomplishments and a series of pioneering projects across New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, and Sri Lanka. Currently he drives forward engineering solutions that marry innovation with practicality, leading to significant advancements in building and infrastructure development.

He draws on experience in the design and construction of New Zealand's extensive precast and prestressed industry, demonstrating a capacity to navigate and deliver on ambitious engineering projects. He holds strategic oversight and focuses on sustainable design and construction methods as a part of a long-held commitment to environmental stewardship and resilience in engineering practices. 

Bavan’s expertise lies in various areas of structural and geotechnical engineering designs, including skills of technical leadership, consultancy service, client and stakeholder relations, and cross-team collaboration.

He also adds academic contributions, including extensive research on steel-concrete composite structures, self-healing concrete, and seismic fragility assessments, reflecting on a dedication to the advancement of civil and structural engineering and to wider engineering society in 65 publications, with additional teaching experience up to postgraduate levels. What gets demonstrates are technical expertise, commitment to sustainable and resilient infrastructure, and a constant drive to innovate and drive excellence as a leader in the civil and structural engineering teams. 

Bavan engages with a network of fellow leaders, collaborating on the advancement of civil engineering and on the development of sustainability policy changes in designs. He is a leader, innovator, and contributor, inclusive of sharing insights and experiences as a Chartered Engineer Mentor.