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U.S. Ductile iron pipe manufacturers adhere to strict safety and environmental regulations.

Ductile iron pipe is available through both domestic and foreign manufacturers. At first, you may think, “iron is iron — no matter where it comes from.” This, unfortunately, is not the case.

Environmental controls

U.S. based foundries make modern Ductile iron water distribution pipe with state-of-the-art, energy-efficient processes and pollution control systems in place. They utilize high-efficiency control devices during the melting and other hot metal operations to control particulates and other emissions.

Domestic manufacturers of Ductile iron pipe adhere to regulations that are put in place to protect the environment and to ensure the health and safety of the workforce. These same regulations are not required for the foreign manufacturing process or for the workers who produce the materials. Using foreign made ductile iron pipe undercuts the value Americans place on the health and safety of our work force and undermines the strides America is making toward environmental justice.


Domestic Ductile iron pipe is made with a minimum average recycled content of 90% scrap iron and steel. This practice minimizes the consumption of natural resources and contributes to the betterment of our environment. And U.S. made Ductile iron pipes are 100% recyclable at the end of their long service life, to complete the eco-friendly cycle.

Foreign-made ductile iron pipe, on the other hand, relies significantly on iron ore with minimal recycled content, meaning natural resources are being stripped from the environment.

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Domestic Ductile iron strengthens and supports the American workforce, economy, and environment.


From the day it’s cast, through its delivery, installation and operation, U.S. manufacturers back up their Ductile iron pipe with technical, design and product support. With facilities located throughout the United States, information on quality, availability and reliable customer service is a phone call away.

Dealing with foreign manufacturers can result in miscommunication of orders, delays in delivery, and unfamiliarity of technical needs for the U.S. market.


There is a difference between domestic and foreign-made ductile iron water transmission pipe:  safety of the environment, safety for the workforce, and safety of the American economy.

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