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Ductile iron pipes are heated to 1500 degrees during testing.

Unmatched Resilience in Natural Disasters 

In a world where natural disasters are an ever-present threat to homes, businesses, and communities, the importance of resilient infrastructure cannot be overstated. Ductile iron pipe has proven to be the backbone of reliable water systems, especially during catastrophic events. Natural disasters are unpredictable, but your water infrastructure doesn’t have to be. Learn more about the unmatched value of Ductile iron pipe and its resilience to natural disasters such as wildfires, hurricanes, and earthquakes by contacting one of DIPRA’s Regional Engineers here.

A Proven Track Record

Ductile iron pipe is designed to withstand harsh conditions while maintaining the integrity of water delivery systems. Its resilience was put to the test in a comprehensive study conducted in Birmingham, AL, where a section of Ductile iron pipe was subjected to wildfire temperatures of 1,500°F. Over a grueling 45-minute exposure, the pipe demonstrated its ability to endure extreme heat without any observable physical damage or compromise to its joint integrity.

After cooling, the pipe was subjected to an internal pressure test of 500 psi for five minutes. The results were astonishing—no leaks, no deterioration, and the gasket remained in excellent condition. This test underscores Ductile iron pipe’s capability to withstand temperatures typical of wildfires, which can reach up to 1,472°F, as seen during the devastating CZU Lightning Complex Fire in California, where alternative materials like HDPE failed catastrophically. Read more in the full case study here

Climate Resilience and Longevity

In the face of increasingly severe weather events, the choice of materials for water infrastructure becomes critical during and after the event. Ductile iron pipe’s resilience extends beyond wildfires. It can resist the corrosive effects of soil, withstand high internal pressures, and endure the mechanical stresses of heavy earth and traffic loads. This makes it a reliable choice for regions facing wildfires, earthquakes, and other climate-related challenges.

Made with a minimum average of 90% recycled materials and 100% recyclable at its end of life, community leaders must consider the lifetime costs and benefits of their infrastructure investments. Ductile iron pipe, with its century-long service life and minimal maintenance requirements, offers a high return on investment. Its proven performance in real-life scenarios and rigorous testing ensures that it can be trusted to deliver clean, safe drinking water for generations.


Ductile iron pipe stands as a testament to engineering excellence and environmental stewardship. Its unmatched resilience to natural disasters, combined with its long service life and minimal maintenance, makes it the ideal choice for modern water infrastructure. By investing in Ductile iron pipe, communities can ensure reliable, safe, and sustainable water delivery systems that withstand the test of time and the forces of nature.

Learn more about the benefits of Ductile iron pipe by contacting a DIPRA Regional Engineer today!

photo of DIPRA manufacturing DIPRA
U.S. Ductile iron pipe manufacturers adhere to strict safety and environmental regulations.
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