Who needs to lug around on vacation the extra weight of books or journals when smartphones and tablets make reading so easy? Especially when you’re at the beach, poolside, or glamping.

So your friends at ASCE are ready to help lighten your load with some vacation reading to download.

This year, the annual ASCE Beach Reads pulls together a collection of the Society’s technical reports to offer something of interest to almost every engineer. Also known as committee reports, white papers, monographs, or by the name of the topical series, technical reports are typically prepared under the direction of an ASCE institute, technical group, or the Committee on Advancing the Profession. Learn more and download the e-book edition:

Resilient and Sustainable Buildings: Get a high-level look at the methods and outcomes of four major National Science Foundation projects focused on different aspects of designing and constructing resilient and sustainable buildings, from a single structure to an entire community.

Roadmap for Repurposing Waste Plastics in Asphalt Mixes: Read a brief overview of recent studies testing treated and untreated waste plastics in “flexible” asphalt mixtures and pavements. How effective are they?

Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling in Water Infrastructure: Best Practices: Pick up the latest techniques for applying computational fluid dynamics to water facility designs and retrofits. This handy primer fills a critical gap for water and wastewater specialists until formal guidelines are set.

Efficient Design of Spanning Trusses: Charts and Tools: Get advice and guidance that will make choosing and designing a structural steel truss bridge easier, as well as ways to optimize truss designs applied to other structures.

Highway 1 Rat Creek Embankment Failure: 2021 Reconnaissance and Analysis: Join a team mobilized by the Embankments, Dams, and Slopes Technical Committee to probe the 2021 failure in Big Sur, California, and discover the conclusions that led to its recommendations to reduce future failures.

You can find all of ASCE’s technical reports and others of interest at ascelibrary.org/topic/ascebookseries/b-reports. For a limited time, ASCE Publications is offering e-book discounts; use the code EBeach24 when ordering. Have a great vacation and happy reading!