headshot of Mukhopadhyay

Biswajit Mukhopadhyay, Ph.D., P.E., BC.WRE, F.ASCE, a professional engineer with expertise in hydrology, hydraulics, and water resources engineering and management, has been named a fellow by the ASCE Board of Direction.

Mukhopadhyay has over 34 years of experience that includes working for several reputed national and international engineering firms devoted to infrastructure developments. He worked on solutions to numerous real-world problems requiring applications of principles of engineering hydrology and hydraulics for water resources engineering. Even though he has been based in the United States, he worked on hydrologic and hydraulics issues in various corners of the world – from Alaska to Auckland, from China to Chile.

He has authored over 50 technical papers in refereed international journals, over 100 engineering reports, and presented his key findings and critical observations in numerous local, regional, national, and international conferences and seminars. Mukhopadhyay has authored an authoritative textbook, titled Applied Hydrology, which is being published by the Cambridge University Press. This comprehensive and contemporaneous textbook combines the theoretical principles of engineering hydrology together with their practical applications, using modern industry-standard software. Examples and exercises are drawn from global case studies. The book has proved to be indispensable for advanced students in civil, environmental, and agricultural engineering, preparing them to confidently join the industrial sector. It will also be an indispensable reference textbook for practicing engineers, bringing them up-to-date with modern techniques in applied hydrology.

Mukhopadhyay mentored numerous engineers working under his direct supervision over many years. He is one of the first 100 recipients of BC.WRE conferred by the Society. He taught surface water hydrology, groundwater hydrology, and open channel hydraulics classes at the University of Texas at Arlington and Southern Methodist University, Dallas, as an adjunct professor.

Dr. Mukhopadhyay can be reached at [email protected]