When you were a little kid, everybody asked you, "What do you want to be when you grow up?"

And your answer truly could be whatever you wanted it to be. Baseball player? Sure. Firefighter? Yep. Ballerina. Why not?

The more ambitious your dream, the more creative your hopes, the better.

So now that you're an adult, why stop approaching your career with the same dream-chasing wonder?

Today, we hear from civil engineers who never stopped going after their dream job.

Jazzy Quinabo is a civil engineer for Jacobs, who is working on a long-term assignment that puts her all over her home state of Hawaii helping future generations of children (1:25).

In this week's Changing the World segment, Don Nguyen tells about a bridge project he's working on in Seattle that has him excited (8:25).

And in Member Memos, we hear more about what a civil engineer's dream job looks like (11:14).

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