Elected Region 10 Governor

Portrait of Kamal Laksiri - man in gray suit and tie looking at camera

Vision statement

I joined ASCE in 1988 due to my great interest in Society publications. I gradually proceeded in the membership ladder and finally became a Fellow of ASCE. As a member I have always been working to encourage new members to join and expand the membership and was successful in establishing the Sri Lanka Section. I was elected a Region 10 Governor for the term 2021-2024 fulfilling another dream of my professional career. I have a great intention to work in the following aspects and also to continue my service as a Governor of ASCE to: make the Sri Lanka Section stronger with increased membership; attract more young members; continue my mission started as a Governor in interacting with other international bodies and have a better collaboration in joint activities; increase interaction with the industry; conduct interactive programs such as seminars, workshops, lectures etc. jointly with other professional bodies in the Region 10; engage in policy establishment in R&D matters. With the above intended aspects, I have a great vision in working towards the betterment of the Society and to make the Society a true home for global civil engineers.

Biographical statement


  • Ph.D, Saga University, Japan, 2007
  • MSc, Norwegian University of Science & Technology, Norway,1999
  • BSc (Eng) Hons, University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka, 1990

Certification and licenses

  • Fellow, Institution of Engineering & Technology UK (since 2021)
  • Fellow, ASCE (since 2018)
  • Registered Chartered Engineer, Engineering Council of Sri Lanka (since 2018)
  • Fellow, Institution of Civil Engineers UK (since 2011)
  • International Professional Engineer (since 2008)
  • Fellow, Institution of Engineers Sri Lanka (since 2008)
  • Licensed Professional Engineer (since 2004)
  • Member, American Society of Mechanical Engineers (since 1997)

Work experience

  • Project Director, Moragolla Hydropower, CEB, 2023-Present
  • Project Director, Broadlands Hydropower, CEB, 2008-Present
  • Chief Engineer, Kukule Ganga Hydropower, CEB, 1999-2004
  • Reservoir Engineer, Samanalawewa Hydroelectric, CEB, 1992-1997
  • Planning Engineer, Generation Planning Branch, CEB, 1991-1992

ASCE involvement

Society level

  • Region 10 Governor, 2021-2024
  • Region 10 Corresponding Member, 2018-2020
  • Fellow, 2018
  • Member, 1995
  • Student Member, joined 1988

Local level

  • Sri Lanka Section Past President
  • Active in establishing Sri Lanka Section, 2021

Other volunteer activities

  • Past President, Institution of Engineers Sri Lanka
  • Chairman, Sri Lanka Association of the ICE UK
  • Vice President, Sri Lanka National Committee on Large Dams


  • CEB Innovation Silver Award, 2010
  • Best ASCE Membership Recruiter Award, 1998
  • UOM Best Project in Geotechnical and Highway Engineering, 1987


  • Five papers in International Journals and conferences