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      Lee H Odell, P.E.,

      is a water treatment specialist for CH2M HILL, with 27 years of experience as an engineering consultant and 4 years of experience as a water treatment plant operator and operations supervisor. One of the hallmarks to Lee's career has been helping utilities find innovative and unique ways of `

      He has managed more than 200 water treatment projects including development of treatment systems for disinfection by products reduction, turbidity removal, algae removal, softening, radium, uranium, radon, iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide, nitrate, chromium VI, and arsenic, as well as many types of disinfection systems (UV, ozone, on-site sodium hypochlorite generation, liquid sodium hypochlorite, calcium hypochlorite, gas chlorine), fluoride (hydrofluororsilicic acid, sodium fluoride) and corrosion control (lime feed, soda ash feed, caustic soda, sodium silicate, orthophosphate feed systems).

      He is the Author of the book; "Treatment Technologies for Groundwater", published by American Water Works Association in 2010.  He managed design and construction of the first two arsenic removal water treatment plants in the United States to use granular ferric hydroxide as an adsorbent. The plants are both located in the Los Angeles area and cost less than half the capital cost of other alternatives.

      He designed the first on-site sodium hypochlorite facility in Washington State in 1995 for Clark Public Utilities, and has designed more than 30 installations with capacities ranging from 8 ppd to 1,000 ppd.  He has designed installations using the following equipment: Clortec (Severn Trent), Miox, Electrolytic Technologies, OSEC (Siemens) and MicrOclor

      He designed the first iron and manganese facility in the United States to use manganese dioxide ore media, and since 1996, Mr. Odell has used this process on more than 100 drinking water supplies.  Mr. Odell also designed the first hydrous manganese oxide system in the State of Illinois, for the City of Batavia, to cost effectively remove radium from the city's groundwater.  Mr. Odell has conducted pilot testing, demonstration testing, and design, and has overseen installation of many types of groundwater  treatment technologies.