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To recognize the importance of professional attainment in the advancement of the science and profession of engineering, as defined by the Constitution of the Society, Edmund Friedman, Past President, ASCE, contributed funds to establish the Professional Recognition Award, in 1959, and it was officially instituted by action of the Board of Direction in March 1960. In February 1964, the Board of Direction voted to include the name of the donor in the name of the award.

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  • 2024: Subramanian Narayanan, Ph.D., P.E., F.ASCE

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  1. The name of the award is the Edmund Friedman Professional Recognition Award
  2. This recognition is awarded annually to a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers who is in good standing at the time of nomination and who is judged to have contributed substantially to the status of the engineering profession by:
    1. Exemplary professional conduct in a specific outstanding instance;
    2. An established reputation for professional service;
    3. Objective and lasting achievement in improving the conditions under which professional engineers serve in public and private practice;
    4. Significant contribution toward improvement of employment conditions among civil engineers;
    5. Significant contribution toward improving the professional aspects of civil engineering education;
    6. Professional guidance of qualified young persons who would seek civil engineering as a career; and professional development of young civil engineers in the formative stages of their careers; or,
    7. Other evidence of merit which, in the judgment of the Award Selection Committee, shall have advanced the Society's professional objectives.
  3. The award shall be made once each year when, in the judgment of the Award Selection Committee, a suitable candidate is available. Only 1 recipient will be named in any year, and no recipient may receive the award more than once.
  4. The Award Selection Committee shall be the Committee on Developing Leaders. Its recommendation, accompanied by an appropriate citation, shall be reported to the Committee on Professional Advancement (CPA) annually and shall be forwarded to the Executive Committee of the Board of Direction for final action.
  5. Any ASCE member, including the Award Selection Committee, may submit nominations, in writing, for this award.
  6. Meritorious nominees not selected in a given year may be held over for consideration by the Committee on Developing Leaders for next year. The names of these nominees will be conveyed to the Honors and Awards Program office.
  7. The award consists of a wall plaque.
  8. Members of CPA and the Committee on Developing Leaders and Society members who have been awarded the grade Distinguished Member prior to the nomination deadline shall not be eligible for this award.


To nominate, submit the following:

You can submit your nomination electronically to [email protected], or by mail to:

ASCE Honors and Awards
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