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This award was established in May 1981 as the Innovation in Civil Engineering Award through an endowment by Arsham Amirikian, Hon.M.ASCE and member of the National Academy of Engineering. In 2010, the award was renamed the Innovation in Sustainable Engineering Award.

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  • 2024: Staten Island Bluebelt Project

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  1. The award is known as the Innovation in Sustainable Engineering Award.
  2. The award may be made annually to a civil engineering project in recognition of creativity in the form of innovative sustainability. Projects may be any that demonstrate innovation in sustainability. Innovation means new approaches, new technique and results. The lessons of this project promised broad application to future projects.
  3. To be eligible for consideration, projects must, first and foremost, demonstrate adherence to the principles of economic, social and environmental sustainability. Projects developed or implemented in the 6 year period preceding the year of award and not a candidate for the Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement (OCEA) Award are eligible.
  4. The criteria used to evaluate projects are: (a) the extent to which innovative design or construction methods improve economic, social and environmental sustainability; (b) the promise shown by the innovation to extend future developments in sustainability which may be evidenced in part by Envision rating and/or institute, section or branch sustainability awards; (c) the degree to which the project extends public understanding of sustainability in construction as demonstrated by working with the public at the planning, design, construction, and operations stages in the development of the project; and (d) collaboration was an important aspect of the project as demonstrated by significant participation by other disciplines on the team.
  5. Entries for the award should include a rationale statement describing how the project exemplifies the economic, social and environmental principles of sustainability, the merits and title of the project, a clear description of the innovation in sustainability, the anticipated advantages to be obtained, and a statement of how the sustainable project met the client's needs.
  6. Each nomination shall also include:
    1. Designer's and client's names and contact information;
    2. The names of others who collaborated and to what extent they collaborated.
  7. The recipient of this award shall be recommended by the Committee on Sustainability to the Executive Committee for final approval. Entries not selected to receive the award will be notified and may be carried over for reconsideration in the following year provided they remain eligible within the 6 year completion period.
  8. The award shall consist of a trophy.
  9. The descriptive text of the winning project will be transmitted to Civil Engineering magazine for possible editorial treatment.


To nominate submit, in addition to items in Rules V and VI, the following:

You can submit your nomination electronically to [email protected], or by mail to:

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