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To encourage effective leadership and management skills in the civil engineering profession, this award was endowed by the associates of John I. Parcel and Leif J. Sverdrup, Honorary Members, ASCE. The award was officially instituted by action of the Board of Direction in September 1976.

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  • 2019: Matthew G. Cummings, P.E., M.ASCE

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  1. The award may be made annually to a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers who has made a definite contribution in the field of civil engineering management, evidencing high character and professional integrity and regional or national professional reputation. This contribution may have been made either in the form of written presentations or notable performance. Nominees must be ASCE members in good standing at the time of nomination.
  2. Not more than 1 presentation of the award is made each year unless the achievement upon which the award is based is considered to be the contribution of more than 1 person. In such cases, duplicate or multiple awards are tendered only if the balance then available in the award fund is adequate for the purpose. No one shall receive the award or a portion thereof more than once.
  3. The Award Selection Committee shall be the Committee on Developing Leaders. Its recommendation accompanied by an appropriate citation, shall be reported to the Committee on Professional Advancement (CPA) annually and shall be forwarded to the Executive Committee of the Board of Direction for final action.
  4. Any ASCE member, including the Award Selection Committee, may submit nominations, in writing, for this award.
  5. The award shall consist of a specially designed plaque and an honorarium that will be established annually by the Executive Committee of the ASCE Board of Direction on the basis of a review of the annual income from the award fund. If the award is presented for a joint effort, the lead recipient shall receive the plaque and honorarium. All other recipients shall receive only a certificate.
  6. Members of CPA and the Committee on Developing Leaders shall not be eligible for this award.
  7. Meritorious nominees not selected in a given year may be held over for consideration by the Committee on Developing Leaders for the next year. The names of these nominees will be conveyed to the Honors and Awards Program office.


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