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This prize was instituted in 1939 as a result of an endowment left to the Society for the purpose by Karl Emil Hilgard, M.ASCE.

Recent winner

  • 2024: Byron Guerrero; Martin F. Lambert, A.M.ASCE; and Rey Chin
    For the paper, “Extension of the 1D Unsteady Friction Model for Rapidly Accelerating and Decelerating Turbulent Pipe Flows” Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, June 2022.

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  1. The award is given to the author, or authors, of that paper which is judged to be of superior merit, dealing with a problem of flowing water, either in theory or practice. Preferably, the award is given to a paper that is not otherwise recognized by receiving another Society prize. The value of the paper is judged both on the basis of the subject matter and the method of presentation.
  2. Papers published in a print issue of an ASCE journal during the 12 month period ending with June of the year preceding the year of award are eligible.
  3. Membership in the Society is not a requirement for consideration.
  4. The prize is presented annually, except that no award is given in a year in which a suitable candidate cannot be found.
  5. In any year when the excellence of more than 1 paper justifies it, the Award Selection Committee may designate a "second order of merit." A paper so recognized is considered eligible to compete in the award for the next year. When a recipient is selected, the Award Selection Committee shall also notify the Honors and Awards Program office in writing, the nominees designated to be reconsidered in the next award cycle.
  6. The Hydraulics and Waterways Council Awards Committee shall recommend a winner to the EWRI Awards Committee, which shall seek approval from the Governing Board of the Environmental and Water Resources Institute. The Governing Board of the Environmental and Water Resources Institute shall submit its recommendation to the Executive Committee of the ASCE Board of Direction for final approval.
  7. The prize consists of a wall plaque. The lead author shall receive the plaque. All other authors shall receive only a certificate.


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