To promote excellence among the Student Chapters of the American Society of Civil Engineers, Isabel L. Ridgway endowed this award in honor of her husband, Robert Ridgway, Past President, ASCE. It was officially instituted by action of the Board of Direction in May 1965

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  • 2024: South Dakota State University

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  1. The award is known as the Robert Ridgway Student Chapter Award.
  2. The award may be presented annually to the single most outstanding Student Chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers.
  3. Student Chapters are eligible for this award based on judging of Student Chapter Annual Reports by the Committee on Student Members.
  4. The Committee on Student Members shall recommend to the ASCE Executive Committee the winner of the award on the basis of the judging of the annual reports that are submitted each year.
  5. Winners will receive a commemorative plaque.
  6. The award shall be presented to the winning Student Chapter at an appropriate meeting by a national officer of the Society.