Nomination Deadline: November 1st

To recognize the professional contributions of T&DI's younger members, the Committee on Younger Members (CYM) established the T&DI Outstanding Younger Member Award. This award is administered by the Transportation & Development Institute (T&DI) and was officially instituted by action of the T&DI Board of Direction in February 2014.

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  • 2021: Cole Kopca, M.U.P.

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  1. The T&DI Outstanding Younger Member Award is awarded annually to recognize T&DI Younger Members and their contributions to ASCE, T&DI and the engineering field as a whole. Recipients are T&DI members who are 35 years of age or younger on November 1 of the award year and have attained significant professional achievement, by the degree to which the candidates have shown: Service to the advancement of the profession;
    1. Evidence of technical competence, high character, and integrity;
    2. Leadership in the development of younger member attitudes toward the profession;
    3. Contributions to public service outside of their professional career;
    4. Other evidence of merit that have advanced the Society's objectives and contributed to the public perception of the future of engineering.
  2. The award is given once annually when, in the judgment of the T&DI Awards Committee, suitable candidates are available. No more than one recipient will be named in any year and no recipient may receive the award more than once.
  3. Nominations are accepted electronically via the T&DI Outstanding Younger Member nomination page on the ASCE Awards nominations page. Self-nominations are not accepted. 
  4. The T&DI Awards Committee will then submit its recommendations, if any, to the T&DI Board of Governors for final action.
  5. The committee evaluates and ranks each of the nominations received per the following characteristics, with recommended weighting of each category noted as a percentage:
    1. Technical registration - preference given to PEs and additional professional registrations (10%)
    2. ASCE Activities - focus on work performed, programs undertaken and improvements initiated. Committee memberships without involvement are not considered activities. (25%)
    3. Non-ASCE Professional/Technical Society Activities - focus on work performed, programs undertaken, and improvements initiated. Committee memberships without involvement are not considered activities. (10%)
    4. Civic and Humanitarian Activities - focus on work performed and projects accomplished. May include work in politics, charity, government, or other work that impacts the general public. (10%)
    5. Engineering Achievements - emphasizes not only papers and presentations, but significant projects undertaken, unique project characteristics, innovative design techniques and research, and peer/industry recognition (35%)
    6. Activities Outside of Engineering - any activities not included in other categories which represent "non-typical" engineer interests, showcasing an individual who contributes both inside and outside of the engineering world and defies the "stereotypical engineer" (10%)
  6. Deceased persons are not eligible for nomination for the award, although an award can be made posthumously to a nominee whose petition had reached the award committee during their lifetime.
    • The winner receives an inscribed award which will be presented at a major ASCE-T&DI sponsored conference in the receiving year, one complimentary conference registration, and $500 travel reimbursement to the conference at which the award will be presented.
    • Members of the Younger Member Nominating Committee or T&DI Awards Committee are not eligible for this award.
    • Nominators are required to be ASCE or T&DI members. 
    • Meritorious nominees not selected in a given year may be held over after notification of the nominee and their consent to be held over, at the discretion of the award committee for consideration the following year, provided the nominee is still eligible under Rules II and III.


To nominate, submit the following:

  • List of all technical registrations
  • List of all ASCE activities
  • List of all non-ASCE professional/technical Society activities
  • List of all civic and humanitarian activities
  • List of all engineering achievements
  • List of all activities outside of engineering
  • The candidate's resume or CV
  • Statement of additional comments demonstrating the strength of the candidate (optional)

Nominations are accepted electronically through November 1 via the T&DI Outstanding Younger Member nomination page

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