Nomination Deadline: May 3 - Applications received after deadline will be considered for the next year's awards.

UESI has established the Project of the Year Award to recognize significant achievements in utilities, pipelines, surveying, geomatics, and related topics. Each year the winner will be selected by a cross section of UESI members. Only substantially completed projects will be considered.

Recent winner

  • 2023: Integrated Pipeline Project (IPL), Phase 2, Navarro County & Henderson County, TX


  1. The Project of the Year is selected from nominations submitted to UESI.
  2. Nominees do not have to be members of ASCE or UESI.
  3. No more than two nominations may be submitted by any individual.
  4. Substantial completion of the project must be completed in the prior year.
  5. The equally weighted criteria for selection provided below will be used by the Selection Committee to evaluate nominations.

Criteria for Selection:

  1. Technical Advancement or Innovation in Engineering or Construction
    Did the project utilize new design methodologies or processes, construction methods, materials, products, systems or applications?
    Was the advancement successfully applied to the project?
    Can the advancement be applied to other projects?
  2. New Milestone or Record
    Did the project achieve a new milestone or record?
    Did the project achieve substantial savings when compared to other possible options?
  3. Project Complexity
    Did the project solve a highly complex problem?
    Did the project have unusual elements due to location, site constraints or other man-made/natural obstacles?
  4. Project Delivery
    Was the project delivered on time and on budget?
    Did the project have substantial claims or change orders?
    Did the project meet the overall goals of the owner?
  5. Benefits to the Community and Society
    Did the project provide benefits to the community and society?
    Did the project address the concerns of the public?
    Did project resolve any community issues or conflicts?


To Nominate, submit the following:

  •  Fill out the application provided below
  • Application includes a place to attach a single page document to provide photos and illustrations

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