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Board-certified geotechnical engineers demonstrate advanced knowledge and expertise that sets them apart in the field.

Benefits of Geotechnical Engineering Board Certification

  • Recognizes leaders in geotechnical engineering.
  • Widely respected by clients, employers, peers, and the public.
  • Demonstrates expertise in specific areas of geotechnical engineering and a commitment to staying up-to-date with new technology.
  • Reflects a strong dedication to professionalism, ethics, and continuous professional development.
  • Board-certified individuals may qualify for an additional discount on liability insurance through ASCE, saving 5 to 7.5%.

Become a Board Certified Geotechnical Civil Engineer

The Body of Knowledge for Geotechnical Engineering

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The CEC Board-Certified Engineer Directory is an online tool to help owners, employers, and the public find a Board-Certified Engineer in a specialty area in civil engineering.

CEC’s Geotechnical Board Certification program is administered by the Academy of Geo-Professionals (AGP).


"The Geotechnical Engineer board certification demonstrates that I am serious about my chosen profession and confirms my peers consider me to be an expert in field of geotechnical engineering."

Bob Goehring

"When we hire another chief engineer here at Rembco Engineering, we will give extreme preference to board-certified geotechnical engineers over any other applicants."

R. Michael Bivens

"The geotechnical engineer certification has helped me and our company to let many of our clients, colleagues and the public know that we are dedicated geotechnical engineers who are capable of solving variety of complex geotechnical problems."

Sujan Bhattacharya
Ph.D., P.E., BC.GE

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For questions on board certification, please contact
Jennifer Hofmann
Director, CEC
Frank Kim
Program Manager, CEC