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Board-certified water resources engineers demonstrate advanced knowledge and expertise that sets them apart in the field.

Benefits of Water Resources Engineering Board Certification

  • Recognizes leaders in water resources engineering.
  • Widely respected by clients, employers, peers, and the public.
  • Demonstrates expertise in specific areas of water resources engineering and a commitment to staying up to date with new technology.
  • Reflects a strong dedication to professionalism, ethics, and continuous professional development.
  • Board-certified individuals may qualify for an additional discount on liability insurance through ASCE, saving 5 to 7.5%.

Become a Board Certified Water Resources Engineer

Water Resources Engineering Body of Knowledge

The Water Resources Engineering Body of Knowledge, version 3 (WRBOK3) describes the knowledge and core competencies integral to understanding the practice of water resources engineering.

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The CEC Board-Certified Engineer Directory is an online tool to help owners, employers, and the public find a Board-Certified Engineer in a specialty area in civil engineering.

CEC’s Water Resources Engineering Board Certification program is administered by the American Academy of Water Resources Engineers (AAWRE).


"I can easily say that, right after becoming a licensed professional engineer, getting my board certification in water resources engineering was the single most important post-collegiate career advancement move I made."

Rick Van Bruggen

"As an academic and researcher, I am uncertain of the benefits of the BC.WRE board certification in relation to monetary contracts and awards. However, when I am asked to give expert testimony to a State, Federal, or House, or a U.S. government agency, the BC.WRE board certification clearly sets us apart."

Robert Traver

"I have found my board certification in water resources engineering to be valuable in one of the most important areas of our consulting engineering practice, marketing. When our firm submits a statement of qualifications in competition with other firms, the documented qualifications of the project team members is a critical criterion that is considered by the evaluators. This certification makes me more valuable to our firm, and I am sure that is reflected in my compensation."

Terry Winn

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Director, CEC
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Program Manager, CEC