Member Benefit  | November 15, 2022

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AccessEngineering is a comprehensive digital library that combines world-renowned reference information with innovative tools to streamline productivity. This award-winning engineering platform is your go-to resource for quality content across all engineering disciplines and contains a wealth of high-quality information and resources to support water and environmental engineering.

This one-hour webinar will explore features and content available on AccessEngineering specifically for water and environmental engineering, including:

  • Searching and browsing capability to find relevant content
  • Top reference titles such as Design of Water Resource Recovery Facilities, NALCO Water Handbook, and Wind Energy Engineering with interactive graphs and downloadable tables
  • Spreadsheet calculators to streamline workflows including MBBR, UASB, and SBR treatment design calculations and wastewater screening
  • Upper-level textbooks including Davis’ Water and Wastewater Engineering, Rittmann’s Environmental Biotechnology, and Vanek’s Energy Systems Engineering
  • Problem-solving instructional videos and solution walkthroughs
  • Personalization features for managing information, including annotating and sharing content


Lauren Sapir, Director of SciTech Digital Products, McGraw Hill Professional