Wednesday, April 26, 2023

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Join us and learn about an ASCE program that provides value to government engineers and agencies, while offering ASCE Section and Branch leaders an opportunity to engage with and support their local government agencies and engineers.

The ASCE Peer Review Program delivers value to all types of government agencies by providing experienced ASCE member engineer-peer reviewers to conduct a customized review of operations and management to help leaders and managers of engineering organizations improve their organizations.

The team of peer reviewers can quickly and inexpensively review and learn about an organization and then provide positive yet sage advice to leaders on how they might make their organizations stronger, more productive, and more responsive to the public.

  • The ASCE Peer Review Program is not an accreditation.
  • Information is gathered through questionnaire responses and structured interviews with the organization's staff members and by reviewing agency standard documents (policies & procedures, standard specifications, etc.).
  • The review produces a "snapshot in time" of an organization’s operation from an internal and external perspective.
  • The review provides the Agency leader with opportunities for improvements and efficiencies, and a confidential final written report on request.

This webinar provides basic information on the Peer Review Program, how they are conducted, and how they can help organizations progress toward continuous improvement.


  • Dennis A. Randolph, P.E., M.ASCE
  • Stuart A. Moring, P.E., MCP, PWLF, F.ASCE
  • John T. Davis, P.E., PSM, F.ASCE