Date: Tuesday, April 5, 2022

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Since its publication in 2012, the Envision Sustainable Infrastructure Framework (Envision) has been used in over 40 different water-related projects to enhance their social, environmental, and economic performance and to secure formal Envision Verification.

Water-related infrastructure projects include stormwater management, flood risk management, combined sewer systems, wastewater, drinking water, reclaimed water, and nature-based solutions.

Three project sponsors who have completed Envision Verified water-related infrastructure projects will explain why they decided to pursue verification, how they accomplished the work, and outline lessons learned.

Learning outcomes

  • Receive an introduction to the Envision Sustainable Infrastructure Framework
  • Learn how it is applied to real-world projects
  • Hear tips from “early adopters” about how to proceed with planning, design, and construction of Envision Verified projects
  • Understand how Envision might enhance your water-related projects


Rosaleen Nogle, P.E., ENV SP, Principal Sanitary Engineer, Buffalo Sewer Authority, Buffalo, New York
Peter McCormick, P.E., PMP, Project Manager, Denver Water, Denver, Colorado
Michael F. Bloom, P.E., ENV SP, CFM, BCEE, R. G. Miller Engineers, Inc., Houston, Texas