Date: Wednesday, August 24, 2022 | 3:00–4:00 PM Eastern

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SPONSORED WEBINAR provided by PLAXIS at Seequent, a Bentley Company 

If you’re using empirical and analytical methods based on calculation spreadsheets, you'll likely encounter limitations at some point in time. You may have inherited your spreadsheet, making it difficult to implement changes or guarantee against human error. You may be used to basic outputs and graphics. And, eventually, you may be required to do a complex analysis your current solution can't handle.

This webinar will show you how to level up your geotechnical analysis with software that makes the process cleaner and simple, plus produces richer deliverables to share with stakeholders. We'll demonstrate how the analysis can be performed and what outputs to expect using the inputs available to you.

See how you can easily:

  • Accelerate analysis, design verifications, and how quickly changes are applied to your model
  • Feel more confident in the quality and accuracy of your analysis
  • Create and share visually pleasing models for your clients or internal stakeholders
  • Integrate with other solutions in your project workflow to improve collaboration

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Carlos Correa, Product Sales Engineer for PLAXIS, Seequent, a Bentley company  
Felipe de Nadai, Product Sales Engineer for PLAXIS, Seequent, a Bentley company
Mehakdeep Singh, Product Sales Engineer for PLAXIS, Seequent, a Bentley company