Adel Aboujaoude is a Civil Engineer specialized in Water Engineering and Mathematical Modeling. He has actively contributed to the development of several scientific commercial software packages in the field of hydrology, groundwater, river hydraulics, water networks, sewer networks, water quality and surge analysis. In parallel, his experience covers the application of modeling tools in water resources management, highly radioactive wastes repositories, dewatering, groundwater, water and sewerage networks, surge analysis and coastal engineering. During the last 10 years, Dr. AbouJaoude managed the design of water projects of construction cost in excess of USD 10 billion.

Dr. AbouJaoude has over 22 years in academic experience teaching graduate and undergraduate engineering students. He also provides training for professional engineers in modeling of hydraulic networks and surge analysis. He published 18 papers in scientific international journals, and acts as advisor for research students on Ph.D. programs.

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