Andrew Earles is the Vice President of Water Resources with Wright Water Engineers, Inc. in Denver, Colorado and a member of WWE's Board of Directors. Andrew is registered as a Professional Engineer in 11 states and is a member of the American Academy of Water Resources Engineers. Andrew has been with WWE for over 20 years since completing his doctorate in Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Virginia. Andrew also earned a master's degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering from UVA and his bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering from Stanford University.

Andrew has applied SWMM for many assignments at WWE, including master plans for the Mile High Flood District (MHFD) and the Southeast Metropolitan Stormwater Authority as well as for forensic investigations for expert witness assignments. Andrew is an instructor in the MHFD's Stream Management Academy and is a past instructor of graduate level courses and Professional Engineering Examination review courses at CU-Denver.

A member of ASCE for more than 20 years, Andrew is active in the Environmental and Water Resources Institute, leading the task committee on the update of ASCE Manual of Practice No. 77 on the Design and Construction of Urban Stormwater Systems and participating in the Stormwater Modeling and Sustainable Stormwater Infrastructure standing committees. Andrew is also a past chair of the Urban Water Resources Research Council.

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