Carmine Dwyer has 20 years of project management experience and over 10 years of experience performing pavement demarcation analysis. She has led over $3M in pavement demarcation research and consulting projects, and her customers have included the Illinois Tollway, Illinois DOT, Florida DOT, Missouri DOT, Arizona DOT, FHWA, and the US Air Force.

Through her pavement marking projects she has evaluated all types of pavement marking systems including paints, thermoplastics, tapes, epoxies, urethanes, polyureas, and methylmethacrylate, and the marking performance assessment methods have included both dry and wet retroreflectivity, presence, contrast, and color, performed with both handheld and mobile (vehicle-mounted) equipment. The pavement marking selection guide she developed for the Illinois DOT earned her the state's 2015 High Impact Research award. Ms. Dwyer is a nationally recognized expert in the evaluation and performance of pavement markings.

Currently, Ms. Dwyer serves as the chair of the Transportation Research Board's Signing and Marking Materials Committee, AHD55.

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