Christie Hale, Ph.D., M.ASCE, is a seismic hazard analyst involved in seismic safety assessment projects. Her technical expertise includes deterministic and probabilistic seismic hazard analysis, development of site-specific ground motions, and use of seismic hazard assessments in performance-based earthquake engineering evaluations and risk analyses. At Geosyntec, she has performed seismic hazard evaluation and developed ground motions for a variety of critical infrastructure projects including dams, landfills, hospitals, and onshore and offshore oil and gas exploration sites. Dr. Hale also has experience in PSHA code development, testing, and verification, and is a key contributor to the PSHA computer program HAZ45. Prior to joining Geosyntec, she led the PSHA Code Verification project at the Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center, where her ability to understand how different modeling approaches impact the resulting seismic hazard curves was instrumental in helping participants troubleshoot their codes and ultimately reach consensus answers.