Christine Beyzaei is a Senior Engineer with Exponent in Oakland, California specializing in geotechnical engineering and geotechnical earthquake engineering. Dr. Beyzaei has consulting experience on U.S. and international projects for critical infrastructure, new and existing buildings, high-rise structures, bridges, and embankment dams. Dr. Beyzaei also has significant experience with geotechnical site investigation, seismic testing, and advanced laboratory testing of geotechnical materials under static and dynamic conditions. She is a registered civil engineer in the state of California. Christine is active in professional organization service through ASCE, EERI, and the Geotechnical Extreme Events Reconnaissance Association (GEER). She received the 2016-2017 EERI/FEMA-NEHRP Graduate Fellowship for Earthquake Hazard Reduction, was on GEER reconnaissance teams following the 2014 South Napa earthquake and the 2018 Anchorage, Alaska earthquake, and serves on committees for school earthquake safety, continuing education, and innovative technologies.

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