Cliff Davidson has taught civil and environmental engineering courses for more than 42 years. Currently, he is the Thomas and Colleen Wilmot Professor of Engineering in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department and is Program Director for Environmental Engineering and Director of the Center for Sustainable Engineering, both at Syracuse University (SU). He is responsible for the degree programs in Environmental Engineering in the department. He served as a Professor at Carnegie Mellon University from 1977 til 2010, and Professor at Syracuse University from 2011 to present. He has given over 100 guest lectures and seminars and has over 100 peer-reviewed journal publications.

In addition to ASCE, Dr. Davidson has been a long-standing member of AWMA, AAAR, and AEESP. He is a Fellow of AAAR, AEESP, and ASCE. Among his awards are a 2009 Outstanding Paper Award from the International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education, the Ryan Award for Meritorious Teaching from Carnegie Mellon University, and the United Methodist University Scholar-Teacher Award from Syracuse University. He is currently a member of the ASCE FEE Committee and is Chair of the ASCE SIE Committee.

He received his BS in Electrical Engineering at Carnegie Mellon, and his MS and PhD in Environmental Engineering Science at Caltech.

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