D. Vaughan completed his Masters degree at UC Berkeley and his Doctoral degrees at the University of Manchester, UK. He is currently Professor of Civil Engineering at the Colorado School of Mines where his primary research interests lie in application of finite element methods to geotechnical engineering. He was previously on the Civil Engineering faculty at the University of Manchester, UK and has spent time also at Princeton University, the University of Sydney, Australia and the University of Canterbury, New Zealand.

He has written over 200 research papers and is the co-author of three textbooks, “Programming the Finite Element Method”, 4th edition, Wiley (2004), “Numerical Methods for Engineers”, 2nd edition, Chapman & Hall/CRC (2006) and “Risk Assessment in Geotechnical Engineering” Wiley (2008). In addition to this course, he also gives regular short-courses for the ASCE on “Risk Assessment in Geotechnical Engineering”.

Dr. Griffiths is a Chartered Engineering in the UK, Past-President of the Colorado Section of ASCE and is currently an ASCE Region 7 Governor.

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