Fred Choa is a Principal with Fehr & Peers. He is a registered Professional Traffic Engineer with more than 15 years of experience in traffic engineering and operations analysis. Fred serves as the firm’s National Traffic Operations Expert due to his expertise in operations (Synchro, PASSER III-98, and TRANSYT 7-F) and simulation (SimTraffic, CORSIM, Paramics, and VISSIM). In addition to consulting, Fred is an instructor for the U.C. Berkeley Institute of Transportation Studies Tech Transfer Program where he teaches traffic operations analysis using SYNCHRO and SimTraffic. He has conducted many major projects involving a wide variety of modes and operational issues such as HOV lanes, HOT lanes, Transit Operations, Transit Signal Priority, Interchanges, Freeway Corridors, and Signal Coordination. He has published several professional papers on issues related to traffic operations and simulation for the Institute of Transportation Engineers and the Transportation Research Board.