Gerald A. Miller has been conducting research and teaching in the field of geotechnical engineering at the University of Oklahoma for past 16 years. Between completing his M.S. and starting his Ph.D. he spent a little over two years in the geotechnical consulting business. He remains active as a geotechnical engineering consultant in Oklahoma. During his time at Oklahoma University, he has focused much of his research on unsaturated soil behavior including extensive research on volume change behavior of compacted soils. His research into wetting-induced collapse has included: extensive laboratory testing of collapse behavior, field forensic investigations of wetting-induced compression, modeling of wetting-induced compression in compacted soil embankments using a geotechnical centrifuge, and using chemical stabilization as a means of reducing collapse potential. Miller is the Secretary of ISSMGE Committee on Unsaturated Soils and serves on the Geo-Institute Unsaturated Soil Mechanics Committee.

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