Ian Jewell is an environmental attorney, consultant, and technical expert in water resources and natural resources projects. He has over 9 years experience with providing a wide variety of legal and technical services, including regulatory compliance and negotiation; statutory interpretation; ecological restoration and design; hydraulics and hydrological assessments; and stormwater management permitting and design. His unique combination of legal and technical backgrounds has allowed him to bring legal skills to many engineering projects, including determining controlling laws and regulations and negotiating with regulators. He has been project manager on several regulatory compliance projects where assistance was needed to respond to Notice of Violations issued by a State or Federal agency. He has also provided expert witness support on several projects dealing with downstream impacts of stormwater and hydrological modifications. He has a particular passion for imparting legal knowledge to engineers and teaching them to be better at spotting the legal and regulatory constraints that control the design and permitting processes on their projects.