J. Scott Lowe is a Principal with Trauner Consulting Services, Inc. His expertise lies in the areas of critical path method scheduling, construction claim preparation and evaluation, dispute resolution, technical document development, contract administration, and cost analysis. He has directed and performed virtually all types of analyses, including delay, productivity and efficiency, and cost and the determination of damages on varied projects throughout the U.S., and internationally. On many occasions, he has provided expert testimony at deposition, arbitration, and trial.

Scott is the co-author of the books, Construction on Contaminated Sites and Construction Delays: Understanding them Clearly, Analyzing them Correctly, and Construction on Contaminated Sites. He also serves as the Chairman of Construction Association of America's (CMAA) time management committee, which developed CMAA's Standard of Practice and Procedures for Time Management. Scott also developed and presents the National Highway Institute's course, Managing Highway Contract Claims: Analysis and Avoidance, and is a recipient of the NHI's Certificate of Excellence award.

A nationally renowned speaker, he conducts seminars throughout the country, and has instructed thousands of construction professionals on the topics of construction scheduling, claims avoidance and resolution, project management, delays, acceleration, and inefficiency.

Scott is a registered professional engineer in many U.S. states. He is also a certified Construction Documents Technologist. Scott is an active member of the CMAA and an associate member of the Construction Owners Association of America.