Jeffrey Mock, is a survey manager for Reeves Construction. One of his first full time jobs was at Thomas & Hutton Engineering Company in 1988. He advanced from there and took the survey manager position at Malphrus Construction, a large civil site contractor in Bluffton, SC. It was here where he started with machine control and file building. Malphrus purchased the 10th unit sold outside the mining industries. He also help test a new technology with a Topcon designer. It is the same concept that drives machine control today. Jeffrey obtained his survey license in 2004 and started his own company, Trinity Land Consultants. He sold this business in late 2007 to EMC Engineering, a civil engineering firm, and went to work with them six years as a survey manager and principal owner. Jeffrey then started Mock Surveying and in 2017 and he took the position with Reeves Construction as their survey manger. Recently, he had the opportunity to help Komatsu in the testing of their remote connect system. Reeves is part of Colas which is the largest holder of construction companies in North America and currently employees 70,000+ employees across the world.