Dr. Jeremiah D. Jackson, PE, is the Senior Principal Engineer with J2Environmental, LLC. In this capacity, he provides technical and managerial oversight on environmental engineering projects for private industry, local and state governments, and various branches of the US government. He also teaches graduate engineering subjects at the University of California (San Diego) extension program, and has taught internationally for the Air and Waste Management Association, and the American Society of Civil Engineers.

Dr. Jackson has testified before Congress on environmental legislation, and has traveled with the US Secretary of Commerce on international trade missions. He has published widely in the use of innovative wastewater treatment applications, and was recognized by the World Technology Summit in New York, for its role in addressing a water contamination issue affecting millions. Dr. Jackson’s engineering experience includes design of systems for treating and reuse of water and wastewater. He holds a BS, MS, and PhD in civil engineering, and is a licensed engineer in nine States.