Jesse E. Karns, SidePlate creates steel frame solutions for structures in all design environments regardless of whether wind, seismic or blast/progressive collapse governs.

Mr. Karns has broad structural engineering expertise in blast and earthquake mitigation engineering research, anti-terrorism progressive collapse design of buildings, linear-elastic and non-linear analysis of buildings, high-fidelity physics-based finite-element non-linear modeling and analysis of connection systems, and full-scale cyclic and blast testing of steel frame connections. He is the author of numerous technical papers presented in many national and international forums on antiterrorism/force protection and earthquake engineering.

Mr. Karns has distinguished himself as a blast mitigation researcher, innovator, and leader in helping to shape and enhance national Antiterrorism/Force Protection design standards, including co-authorship of the GSA's new June 2003 Section 5 - Progressive Collapse Guidelines for Steel Frame Buildings.

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