Jon A. Peterka has 45 years of experience in engineering and definition of wind loads on structures. He is currently the Principal at Jon Peterka Engineering LLC. He is a Professor Emeritus in the Civil Engineering Department at Colorado State University, and co-founder of CPP, Inc., the first wind engineering company in the US.

He has served on the ASCE 7 Wind Load Subcommittee, which writes the wind provisions of ASCE 7, for more than 30 years. He was chairman of the ASCE Standards Committee on Wind Tunnel Testing, ASCE 49-12, during its writing. He presented an ASCE webinar on wind tunnel testing of buildings and structures for wind loads for a number of years. Dr. Peterka has extensive experience in wind tunnel measurement of wind loads on structures, pedestrian wind acceptability, and snow loads on roofs. He has participated in numerous forensic investigations, in power line ampacity studies, in setting criteria for proper location of wind speed anemometers, and was the principle investigator for development of wind uplift requirements for asphalt shingles including development of acceptance test ASTM D 7158.

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